Various Health Benefits to Taking Cold Showers

Did you know that there are tremendous health benefits to taking cold showers on a regular basis?

Shower time is something most of us look forward to. Whether it is a relaxing, end of day ritual, or a morning routine that wakes us up, showers keep us clean and make us feel good too. On the other hand, blasting ourselves with cold water isn’t generally a favorite past time, but forgoing a piping hot shower in favor of a cold one has a myriad of benefits. Here are just seven of them.

Tired in the morning? A cold shower will wake you up.

Warm showers are relaxing, and when you are trying to wake up in the morning that may not be the best thing for you. The shock of a cold shower can help you reach a new level of alertness, caffiene free. You probably already knew that, but what you may not know is that it can lead to an overall energy boost for the rest of the day.

The cold shower brings on deeper breathing, sending oxygen throughout your body and improving your heart rate. The result is higher energy levels that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for anything.

Prevents dry skin

As much as we love those warm and toasty showers, our skin does not find them so inviting. Warm showers can lead to dry skin, and that means a whole range of potential issues from flaking to blemishes. You can prevent these by choosing to take cold showers instead. Use a body scrubber to exfoliate during your cold shower for maximum benefits.

Helps you lose weight

A 2009 study discovered that brown adipose fat activates during exposure to cold temperatures. Many people have theorized based on this study that cold showers will help in losing weight. While the jury is still out on this, a cold shower will burn more calories, if only because your body is working harder to keep it warm.

To give this a try, you need to run cold water over your neck, shoulders, and back for just 30 seconds. It may not benefit you, but it beats sweating it out at the gym, give it a try.

Boosts your immune system

A 2016 study conducted on over 3,000 patients found that taking cold showers could help improve immunity. The study conducted in the Netherlands compared people who took 30-90 second cold showers against a control group who took ordinary showers. They then looked at how many sick days that the people took. Those who took cold showers had a 29% reduction in sick days, suggesting that they were healthier than those who did not.

It builds willpower

We all wish we had the willpower to commit to some of our goals. If we could just stay away from tempting (but calorie rich) treats, maybe we could lose weight. Or how about learning to run a mile? We feel like everybody is watching as we huff and puff our first hundred feet, and can quickly feel discouraged.

Taking a cold shower is daunting. It takes real willpower to get under that cold spray and endure the blast for even a few seconds. Even though it is a small thing for just a few seconds every day, it builds that willpower we need to go and do other important things.

Remember the goal is enrichment, not frustration. It’s okay to show your dog how to get the food out, or make it less difficult if they are having trouble with it. Maybe after learning how to hold up under cold water, you’ll have the strength to quit cigarettes. Who knows.

Reduces stress

It’s hard to imagine something that just thinking about makes our blood pressure spike as stress reducing, but studies show that this is exactly the case. The cold water induces oxidative stress in your body. This helps your body practice what to do in stressful situations, and ultimately to handle them better.

Although sitting in traffic for hours on end can be painful and mind numbing, after a cold shower, it might not seem so bad. At least you can turn the heater up.

It makes our body work better

Part of what makes a cold shower so good for us is its potential for increasing the anti-oxidants in our body. A cold shower stimulates our body into producing glutathione, an anti-oxidant that not only helps our body on its own, it also stimulates other anti-oxidants into being more effective. This can help with the stress reducing and immunity parts of cold showers, but it also might be a way to fight depression.

Cold showers are no fun, and no it doesn’t feel any better after you’ve been showering with an icy blast for a month. (Or, well, ever.) Once you leave the shower however, you’ll have benefits you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life.

Path to Healthy Self-Love

We spend a lot of time taking care of other people in our busy, day to day lives. We might have a job in customer service where we are so busy serving lunch to other people, we don’t even get to eat it ourselves. We might be busy parents who sacrifice ourselves on a daily basis so those kids can go without a single want. Taking care of others may be second nature to people like me and you, but it shouldn’t come at the price of our own self love. Learning to love ourselves is a critical component of helping others, and too often it is something we neglect.

If you think you are neglecting yourself (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), here are 5 tips to get you back on the road to a better life.

Set boundaries

Boundaries are a critical part of loving yourself. If you don’t set them, people can walk all over you and not even know they’ve hit a nerve that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you tend to let others invade your personal space or demand more of you than you are ready or willing to give, it may be helpful to sit down and make a list of the things that make you uncomfortable.
Do you hate it when the tots rip open your shower curtain and demand cartoon time, perhaps giving your father-in-law an eyeful? That’s a boundary. Do you want to go home on the weekends to those same tots, but your boss leaves a stack of work for you to get done first on your desk every friday? Again, that’s a boundary.

Addressing these can really help make a difference in the quality of your life, and it will also help others learn to respect you. Whether you need that first cup of coffee before you speak to another human being, or you simply want to put up your feet without being accused of laziness, setting boundaries can make a world of difference in how you feel about yourself.

Give yourself the benefit of positive self talk

Too often we tear ourselves apart with self criticism, a mental dialog we can never escape from because where ever we go, that dialog can still follow us. Make a positive change in your life, by changing how you think about yourself as you are going through the day. Instead of telling yourself, “I suck at writing and I’m never going to be able to finish this essay,” rephrase it.
Self talk
Empower yourself by recognizing even inside your own mind that you can write, and that your writing skills get better every day. Do this with everything in your life, and every time you feel those negative words creeping back into your brain, change them for a positive outlook. You’ll feel better and probably see an improvement in those same skills, just by changing how you think about them.

You might even want to consider listening to self hypnosis recordings while going to sleep to feed your subconscious mind with positive self talk. Changing the way you talk to and about yourself is really the first step to developing a healthy self image.

Give your body the nutrition it needs to thrive

You can’t survive and remain healthy on anything you get from a drive-thru window. Yes, even if you opted for the salad option. Daily doses of poor quality food can really add up in terms of your health. Be sure to take your vitamins and cook yourself fresh and healthy meals so you can have the energy you need to tackle each day. You deserve food that is good for you, and to enjoy that food as often as you can.
Even if you can’t afford to buy healthy food from the grocery store, or visit a restaurant for a better meal, you can still offer yourself nutrition on the go with dried fruits, and other healthy on-the-go snacks. You can also improve your nutrition simply by opting for water on a daily basis, and keeping yourself hydrated. We can’t always get the best nutrition every single day, but even small steps here and there can make a big difference over time.

End toxic relationships

You know that person who is always there to make you feel dumb? Always gas lighting you, berating you, or belittling you in front of others? That sort of person is just plain bad for you life, and keeping them around is only going to hurt you more deeply. Show yourself the love you deserve by ending relationships with people who drag you down.
Toxic Relationships
You are worth more than being treated like a doormat, and gas lighting is still abusive no matter how innocuous it may seem at the time. If someone is constantly feeding you negative self talk and making you feel bad about yourself, end the relationship. You’ll come away feeling healthier and better for it, and that other person may just learn a thing or two about what is really important in life.

Celebrate your wins

Even if your win may just be getting out of bed, it is worth celebrating. Recognize all of your achievements throughout the day, no matter how big or small they are. Your achievements are all unique and wonderful, and they deserve that little bit of recognition.
Celebrate Small Wins
Sometimes just keeping track of those small wins in life can give you the boost you need to tackle bigger wins. The beginning of every journey starts with the first step, so if you want to try something new begin making those small wins toward your end goal. Who knows how far you’ll get just by encouraging yourself?
Taking care of yourself is an important part of taking care of other people. You can’t serve others without the energy and health you need to perform those tasks. Running yourself into the ground trying to do just that will only end in everyone becoming miserable. If you’re guilty of paying attention to other people’s needs before your own, stop. Take a deep breath, and really look at your life objectively. Are you helping other people by rushing around madly, covering all those schedules for people you know won’t return the favor? What happens when you fall sick?

Taking care of yourself is building the foundation you need in order to help other people. Begin every day by loving yourself, and appreciating all the unique things that make you who you are.

A Love for the Outdoors

One of the saddest realities about the modern North American working people is that they spend a lot of time at work. Granted they don’t spend the 14 – 18 hours per day working for a days wage like they used to, but they still work an awful lot compared to most of the westernized world.

The problem isn’t great ambitions. People – in many cases – don’t work so much because they want to or are working towards something, but rather because they have to.

It is always blamed on low wages and the high cost of living. All of which plays a role, but none of which are the real problem. So what is the problem?


As the old saying goes: it’s not how much you earn, but how much you save.

One would think that all this hard earned money goes to is shelter and food, but it again isn’t accurate. The average American spends well over a hundred dollars a month just on entertainment. You know how far an extra hundred dollars a month can go? A LONG ways.

A survey done in the early two thousands concluded that 90% of household bankruptcies could have been prevented with an extra one hundred dollars per month. Isn’t that sad?

The cost of living is so high because of the expensive lifestyle we tend to live. For example: Instead of sitting for hours unend in front of the TV, watching cable while indulging on buttery popcorn the fancy new popcorn machine (you just bought) popped, or playing the new video game we just bought, why not do what our parents and grandparents used to do? Things like visiting friends for some good laughs, going for an extended walk, etc?

Not only are those healthier alternatives, they are more pocket friendly as well.

What’s amazing though is – once people get into the habbit of going out instead – they soon have a healthier view of the world around them and consequently are more productive all around. This almost always results in them earning more as well.

So, do yourself a favor and get out. Learn to love the outdoors again!